Removing comments from Australian News sites

[July 2018] Just saw about Stylish being dodgy, it’s been suggested to use stylus instead. Though I’ve taken to using ublock origin for this type of thing now.

Stylus for Firefox, Stylus for Chrome

If, like me, you find the presence of comments on news websites irritating this might appeal to you.

It’s a userstyle for the browser addon Stylish which will remove the comments from a bunch of Australian news web sites. I’ve also tried to get it to remove elements that refer to the presence of comments - those little balloons with numbers in them and that type of thing.

The sites which will be affected by the script will appear in a list after you clink on the Install button.

If you want to look through the rules before installing click on Show CSS. You’ll see that rather than do a general rule to get rid of anything that might be a comment on any page I’ve added particular rules for each individual site (or group of sites if they’re all working with the same structure).

I don’t think that comments on web sites are necessarily a bad thing - just because they’re unbearable on news sites at the moment doesn’t mean that they’re useless elsewhere - so I’d rather have them appear as the default and choose on an individual basis when they go away.

The usrscript will be updated as and when either I look at a news site I’ve not looked at before or a site changes or a site which has good comments turns into a site with stupid comments.